MusicDNA ID deals with the robust identification of audio signals. Audio identification is a technique which recognizes any music currently being played and returns appropriate metadata such as artist or title. There are plenty of situations imaginable where both individuals or enterprises need such a technique. For example walking down the street you hear a song you do not know. An audio recognition service can listen to the sound of that song and deliver the appropriate metadata so you know what the song is and can purchase it. Additionally, a currently existing audio file can be enriched with metadata from the MusicDNA Enterprise Solutions. The database contains more than 8 Million files.

MusicDNA ID can be used in numerous application areas. One example is the monitoring of commercials in TV or radio broadcasts. Once enterprises have made their media spend to the channels they will want to ensure their commercials are actually played. MusicDNA-ID can monitor all radio or TV channels and report exactly when their commercials appear. Another use case for MusicDNA ID is “metadata-cleaning” of music files on users’ personal hard disks. The metadata, such as artist and title, in personal music collections are often incorrect or corrupted because they are downloaded from unreliable sources. This metadata could be cleaned by correct identification of the song and the submission of new, correct, metadata.

Advantages of MusicDNA ID

  • fast and robust audio identification
  • query of 10s length is sufficient for identification
  • the result list contains the position of the query snippet within the song
  • optional speech/music discrimination is available, especially for detecting news and speakers in broadcast monitoring scenarios